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Our team of multi-lingual journalists chase the primary sources, validate and expand upon the latest stories, and work closely with our foreign correspondents, to bring subscribers up-to-the-minute, reliable exclusives from across Europe and the wider world.

In our editorial office in Berlin, up to 3000 sources are read, archived and translated for the news round-up every single day, including background reports, dossiers and interviews from all over the world adding depth to our research.

ESNA presents the latest publications, studies, policy developments and events, in an accessible and informative way, to ensure subscribers keep up to date and have a thorough understanding of the latest talking points. We also compose literature reviews and press round-ups for those looking for a deeper insight, on a professional level, into the higher education field.

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We offer: 

  • On-location shooting
  • Keynotes 
  • Data summaries 
  • One-on-one interviews 
  • Ambience footage


  • High-definition formats
  • Motion graphics
  • Title screens
  • Original music
  • On-screen text
  • Multi-language voice overs


  • Announced with ESNA online advertisement 
  • Offered in live streaming 
  • Incorporated into press releases
  • Featured on social media 


  • 15 years’ experience in science and higher education
  • Strong professional partners 
  • We collaborate with: 
    • award-winning production team CAUCASO Factory
    • iLIKE.MEDIA, official provider for Deutsche Messe AG
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For journals and institutions ESNA delivers on demand
  • press scans
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  • topical dossiers
  • translations                                                               upon agreement

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